Digital Audits and Consulting

We want your project to be a success.

Smokyfish Ltd. is a digital consulting company with over 8 years of experience leading design and development projects to success.
Smokyfish Ltd. specializes in providing cost-saving solutions, optimizing workflows, and conducting independent audits.
We are an independent consulting agency. We do not provide any design, development or marketing services. We provide consultations to help save you money, optimize workflows, conduct audits or can step in as project managers. To learn more about what exactly we can offer and how we work, please check out the video below.

What we can consult or audit

✔ WordPress Projects
✔ BigCommerce Projects
✔ Shopify Projects
✔ Volusion Projects
✔ Magento Projects
✔ Drupal Projects

✔ Design Presence
✔ Branding Consultation
✔ SEO Projects
✔ PPC Projects
✔ Tracking Code Issues
✔ Sitespeed Optimisation

✔ Project Planning
✔ Quote Evaluation
✔ Risk Assessment
✔ Scope Review
✔ Workflow Optimisation
✔ Project Management 

✔ Google Analytics
✔ Google Tag Manager
✔ Conversion Tracking
✔ iOS Development
✔ Android Development
✔ Game Development

Companies we worked with

This is a list of agencies and companies that Smokyfish Ltd. has worked with directly in the past, either in a direct project management role or as an independent contractor. We have included them here below only as references. We do not recommend any agency or contractor during our consultations with you. 

Some platforms we consult on

We specialize working with BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Volusion and WordPress projects, but our experience is not limited to these platforms. If you have a question about what platform is right for you, please get in touch with us. We can help you weight the pros and cons of each in the context of what would be optimal for you.

A word from the founder of Smokyfish Ltd.

My name is Ivan Samokish and I have been involved in website design, web development, digital marketing and project management since early 2013. With each career step, I have had the opportunity to work closely with individuals and companies on a wide range of projects. I have experience with project management, scope auditing, business development, web development, team coordination, and digital marketing (SEO/PPC).  Smokyfish Ltd. is a digital consulting company that provides cost-saving solutions, optimizing workflows and conducting independent audits. Whether you are an individual or a company, my team and I are here to provide digital consulting services to help make your project a success. Let us help guide you in the right direction. Contact us for a FREE consultation today.
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