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What are the pros and cons of starting a project from scratch?

Please note: this post is coming from a design, development or SEO project perspective and may not be applicable to your project. A simple answer to this is there are no cons to starting a project from scratch. Why? If you haven’t started anything, nothing has gone wrong. It’s only when you start a project that various issues can arise and problems need to be addressed. You can minimise the risk by planning out your ...

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How much should I pay for SEO?

One of the biggest questions many clients ask is: how much should I pay for SEO? This is an important question not only because marketing is a fundamental part of any business , but because online marketing is an essential investment if you want to reach more people. You may already know this rule of thumb that SEO companies live by: the more people discover you or your product(s) exist, the higher the chance they ...

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Should I avoid hiring companies that outsource?

Have you discovered that the company you hired for your project is outsourcing to developers in India, Ukraine, Mexico or any other country? This is usually an issue that is raised in the very beginning or whenever a project goes sideways. Things get hairy and you start questioning why a company is charging you so much if they outsourced. You might also consider it the reason why your project has failed. The common misconception here ...

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How much should I pay for a website?

I have heard this question often by clients: how much should I be paying? It is a legitimate question and concern that you SHOULD be raising because everyone has a budget. Amazon or Google have budgets. Mom-and-pop shops have budgets. Everyone has a limit to how much they can spend on anything. However, there is an even more important spin on this question that NEEDS to be addressed: how much am I willing to INVEST ...

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Why should I hire a digital consultant?

Let me start out by saying that it is a rare phenomenon when any project goes smoothly from start to finish. This is regardless of budget or complexity. Whether it is a website for $500 or a mobile application that is in the $20,000 or higher, things can go wrong at any phase of the project. There are many factors that can come into play (which I will touch upon in a different post) and ...

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