The question is what do you need? Do you just need a logo? Or are you struggling to come up with a brand image and name?

Smokyfish Ltd. can help you design a nice logo, but what we really enjoy working on is helping you create a brand.

An individual’s name is important. A name is not just a greeting card or a form of ID. A name has significance not just because of how it sounds when someone says it, but what it means to you and anyone else saying it.

A brand name is no different. Someone who creates a brand put a whole lot of thought, effort, sweat and even tears into the idea behind it. Without that initial investment a brand name is just a name.

A lot of experts out there advise on choosing a brand name that’s simple to pronounce, simple to remember and simple to design. That may be true. But, that’s not the whole truth. A name will be remembered if it has the weight of a solid idea behind it, not matter the type of product or service.

Smokyfish Ltd. believes in a creative, honest and constructive criticism when it comes to brand names. We won’t shy away from saying your idea really sucks, but we will explain why we think so and why you and someone else will think so.

We want your brand name to be something that will stick around for generations. Sure, the design might change over time, but that’s just the shell around the clam.

Some of our services include the following:

  • Brand Design & Development
  • Project Outsourcing & Management
  • Website Design & Development

Contact us if you need to discuss your business. We know it’s important to you. We also know that your time is important. Schedule a short introductory call with us and we can go from there. Talk soon!