We want your project to be a success.

If you are looking to start a design or development project, whether it is an application, game, ecommerce website or any type of software but feel you need the input of an impartial third-party, then please book a free consultation with us.

Smokyfish Ltd. will go over your project on a high-level and discuss your project goals, what steps you have already taken or currently taking and provide recommendations on the best direction or additional services moving forward. We want your project to be a success.

If you would like to know more about a specific service and get a quote or just learn more about what we can offer, please contact us.

Quote Evaluation

Not sure if the quotes you are getting from marketing, design/development or SEO companies are over-priced? Do you want the opinion of a third-party on whether the price you are being charged is reasonable?

Smokyfish Ltd. can help review your project and any current bids/quotes from companies or freelance contractors. We can then inform you on which seem to be the most reasonable with a detailed explanation as to why.

Project Planning

Not sure where to start off and what you need to get your project going? Do you have only a rough outline of your vision, but not the technical know-how on what is needed for a project to take off in the right direction?

Whether this is a first-time project or your next one, Smokyfish Ltd. has seen all the most common issues that can negatively impact IT-projects from start to finish. We can provide you with an project plan that will set it on the right path.

Risk Assessment

If you are planning on investing a sizeable amount of resources into a project and allocating a large budget, a project might span several months or years. With these types of projects, there is the chance that things could go wrong either from the onset or along the way, potentially sinking the project. You may not end up recouping the costs and the project failure will set you back.

Smokyfish Ltd. provides a risk assessment report in cases where you need someone to step in and assess the situation with a fresh perspective. We provide a high level summary of our findings, but in order to do so we may require access to information only clients can provide. In certain cases, we may need additional information, such as order history, user data or other analytics.

Smokyfish Ltd. does not deliver this service on the basis of intuition. We believe that the numbers do not lie. Though there is a degree of unique insight based on experience that we bring to the table, supporting data is always provided.

Scope Review

Most IT-companies break down your requirements and provide a detailed Scope of Work (SOW). A situation can arise where there is disconnect between what you expected as part of the SOW, your understanding of what is happening, the language and approach used to communicate what is being done and what is actually being done. Things get lost in translation.

Smokyfish Ltd. offers a Scope of Work review, where we review the contract provided to you and raise any concerns. Though this type of review should be and is usually provided by the company you have hired, more often that not their priority is to get you to sign off and pay a deposit. This results in things being rushed, misinterpreted and under-delivered. Definitely something you do not want to happen.

Smokyfish Ltd. can help spot any issues with the SOW provided to you and provide notes on what items require attention, so that you can present that to the company you have hired for adjustment.

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