What do we mean by sidedishes?

Smokyfish Ltd. has a long history as a web development company, but wishes to transform itself into a game studio. Since in-house game development requires investment of time and money, Smokyfish Ltd. is open for business on commission or partnership with individual clients or companies to provide our usual web development services. Our web development kitchen is open full-time to provide very fine sidedishes. Try them out!

Application Development

Smokyfish Ltd. creates only original Application UI Concepts and Mockups. We always create custom wireframes and mockups prior to launching Abode Illustrator or Photoshop to create the final design, drawn up to your specifications and taking the development phase into consideration. Contact us if you are looking to develop an application and we will discuss all the available options.

Graphic Design

Smokyfish Ltd. creates only original graphics, illustrations and other artwork for branding, publications, websites or other promotional marketing needs such as social media or posters for print. All our designs are unique and do not use any third-party or stock graphics, unless specifically requested. Whether you are an individual or company, Smokyfish Ltd. can offer a fresh perspective on your branding requirements. Check out our own logo if you are interested in our style perspective and please contact us to discuss your needs.

Digital Marketing Management (PPC)

Smokyfish Ltd. can help manage your PPC campaigns so that you get the maximum reach for your budget. We discuss your expectations and then start with a test run with a limited budget to test the waters. We charge you only for the setup costs, while the budget control is in your hands. Whether its Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit or Google Ads, Smokyfish Ltd. can help you set up the best possible online marketing campaign. If you are interested in working with us on a contractual, monthly basis, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Website Development

Smokyfish Ltd. creates websites from start to finish. Our speciality is coding custom designs onto WordPress, but we do not work with WordPress exclusively. Whether it’s Shopify, Magento, Joomla or any other currently popular CMS, Smokyfish Ltd. can handle the implementation of a custom design or work with an existing one. Please see examples of some of our original coded designs below:

Landing Page #1
Landing Page #2

Discuss your plans with us

Contact Smokyfish Ltd. to discuss your needs in more detail. One of our staff will go through all available options with you. We can work within your budget and framework. Whether you are an individual client or represent a company, Smokyfish will discuss your project in-depth and provide a reasonable, competitive quote.

Content Management Systems (CMS)
We Work With


Additional Web Development Services

Smokyfish Ltd. has experience working SEO companies. In fact, we have around four years of experience working under contract with SEO companies. As such, Smokyfish understands the various “behind the scenes” tweaks that are required. Some of the additional services we have experience providing are:

  • W3C Compliance and Optimization
  • Pagespeed Insights Optimization
  • Web Design Services
  • Branding and Marketing Material Design
  • Custom Website Design Coding
  • Bulk Page Generation w/Automated Meta

If your company is looking for a remote-based partner to provide additional website design, development or optimization services on a monthly basis, please contact us to discuss your needs.

WordPress Sites

One of the most popular and flexible platforms (CMS) out there is of course WordPress. WordPress is the premier choice for web development and SEO companies as it packs tons of features. Here at Smokyfish Ltd., we employ only expert WordPress developers who can code custom PSDs, custom plugins or themes. There is almost nothing we cannot do on the WordPress platform. If you are a web development or SEO company looking for a reliable WordPress website developer, Smokyfish Ltd.  is here for you. Contact us here.

Woocommerce Sites

Looking to code a custom online shop, add ecommerce features or revamp an existing online store? Smokyfish Ltd.  can help you boost productivity and profit margin on every single project. We employ a dedicated team of developers, programmers and graphic designers for each project. A designer will create 100% original mockups in Photoshop for your clients. What if they want a template? No problem, we can work with that. Want to find out how you can outsource your projects? Contact us here.

Custom Sites

Do you need a custom website coded from scratch? Smokyfish Ltd.  can also take care of more complex projects. Whether it’s a simple php-based website or a custom ecommerce site, our team will handle all the work and deliver a final product on-time. We design the site, code the site and optimize the site. We offer a one-stop package to deliver a final product to you or your client’s specifications. If you would like to learn more about our outsourcing services, contact us here.

Web Design Services

Need custom website designs drawn up in Photoshop and demonstrated to you or your clients? Smokyfish Ltd. has you covered in all aspects of graphic design. We create and code only original designs when required. Our team designed, coded and optimized this website to near perfection. When you outsource your projects to Smokyfish Ltd., we cover all stages of the web development process, from design to coding. Contact Smokyfish Ltd. for a consultation.

W3C Compliance and Optimization

Existing web development and SEO companies are always in need of a website optimization service, including w3c compliance issues. This can be a time-consuming process. At Smokyfish Ltd., our goal is to leave your website free of any w3c errors. We always document progress before and after so you can provide your clients with a detailed report.

Pagespeed Insights Optimization

Is you or your client’s website running sluggishly? Do you want to show them an awesome speed boost and green scores on Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool? Smokyfish Ltd. has experience tuning websites to optimize it to Google’s standards. We can perform the necessary adjustments after a website has been coded.

Outsourcing Solutions

Does your company require any additional remote-based project managers, graphic designers or web developers? Smokyfish Ltd. provides a curated outsourcing/outstaffing services, where additional staff are connected to your team to serve your company on a full-time basis, for the duration of an agreed upon timeframe.

This service is provided on a contractual basis. For example, if you need an additional Senior WordPress Developer to be plugged into your team for a duration of three months or a year, Smokyfish Ltd. will charge a set monthly fee for this duration. Your Senior WordPress Developer will be available for an agreed upon number of hours per day throughout the month, ready to work directly as your remote employee.

The additional staff hired through and by Smokyfish Ltd. on your behalf will remain official employees of Smokyfish Ltd. at all times. The specific details can be discussed when you contact us directly for a quote. Smokyfish Ltd. will guarantee that your provided staff member handles the agreed upon work schedule and will be available for communication throughout the contract duration, else you will receive an immediate replacement to guarantee that all deadlines are met. Get in touch with us and tell us about your needs.

Approximate Rates

Senior WordPress Developer w/3-5 years of experience
$4000 CAD per month

Full-Stack .Net Developer w/ 2-5 years of experience
$5000 CAD per month

iOS or Android Developer w/2-3 years of experience
$5300 CAD per month

eCommerce Web Developer w/3+ years of experience
$4500 CAD per month


Smokyfish Ltd. provides outsourcing/outstaffing services on specific request only and charges an agreed upon monthly rate for this service. If Smokyfish Ltd. is hired to complete a project or projects directly, these are not outsourced or outstaffed. Any employees hired by Smokyfish Ltd. as part of an outsourcing/outstaffing service do not complete any work other than that required and assigned within the terms of the service arrangement.

Discuss your plans with us

Contact Smokyfish today  by email to discuss your needs in more detail. One of our staff will go through all available options with you. We can work within your budget.

Free assessments

If you are interested in Smokyfish Ltd. as a potential partner, but still have doubts on whether we can deliver, we are ready to complete a free assessment and demonstrate our skills. As a part of a conditional work agreement, Smokyfish Ltd. will offer to complete a pilot project for you FREE of CHARGE. If you are interested to learn more about this offer, please contact us today. We can and will deliver the best possible results.